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Having observed a significant decline in passing rates for the surgery section of the Clinical Proficiency Examination over the last years, the National Examining Board decided to take action and provide candidates with an opportunity to assess their skills prior to undertaking a live surgery during the CPE.

With the collaboration of subject experts from the CPE sites, the NEB has developed a process to ensure candidates can demonstrate basic surgical techniques as a prerequisite for CPE registration.

A “Preliminary Surgical Assessment for the CPE” (PSA) has been developed and approved by the NEB.

The PSA for the CPE will assess the candidate’s ability to:

  • Prepare a cadaver for a sterile abdominal procedure;
  • Prepare her-/himself for a sterile surgical procedure;
  • Perform a ventral midline celiotomy (approximately 10 cm in length) and close the ventral midline celiotomy, subcutaneous tissue and skin on cadaver

The PSA will have a feedback component. After the assessment there will be a short exit interview with the examiner that will allow the candidate to get to know his weaknesses and prepare for the CPE.

The Preliminary Surgical Assessment has been a mandatory step of the NEB process for all candidates taking the CPE since January 1st, 2017.

PSA sessions are continuously being planned and are usually offered around ten times a year. 

After registration, the waiting time to get a seat assigned is currently between 6-8 months (updated waiting time due to Covid-19). We usually notify you about available seats 6-8 weeks in advance once a site fixes a date. If the proposed date or location does not work for you, you can wait for a later date.
Once you are registered to the PSA you’ll be put on the waiting list.

PSA sessions are currently offered at the following locations in Canada:

  • FMV St Hyacinthe, QC
  • WCVM, Saskatoon, SK
  • AVC, Charlottetown, PEI
  • UCVM Calgary, AB

We plan to resume PSA sessions in the summer of 2021 and are working on creating more capacity to accommodate all candidates on the waiting list. 

The fee for the PSA is $1000.00.

PSA Candidate Manuals:

  File Modified
PDF File PSA Candidate MOA 2020 FRENCH.pdf Jan 13, 2020 by Oliver Hoffmann
PDF File PSA Candidate MOA 2020.pdf Jan 13, 2020 by Oliver Hoffmann

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