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What documents do you need from me?Admin OHJan 20, 2023
Where can I find the registration forms?Admin OHJan 13, 2023
I am a veterinarian licensed in the USA. How can I work in Canada?Admin OHApr 19, 2022
How does the NAVLE application process work in my case?Admin OHApr 19, 2022
How early must I complete the BCSE in order to be able to register for the next NAVLE testing window?Admin OHFeb 23, 2022
What happens once I have registered to the PSA or CPE?Admin OHDec 09, 2021
I just graduated from one of the five Canadian veterinary schools. How do I get my Certificate of Qualification?Admin OHJun 18, 2020
How do I register with the NEB?Admin OHJan 08, 2020
What happens after I register to the BCSE?Admin OHMay 27, 2019
What happens once I have registered and submitted my documentation?Admin OHMar 19, 2015
How do I get my school added to the AVMA list of veterinary colleges in the world?Admin OHFeb 24, 2015

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