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Both the National Examining Board and the Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates (ECFVG)  use the same examinations as part of their certification programs-namely the Basic and Clinical Sciences Examination (BCSE) and the Clinical Proficiency Examination (CPE)-and each agency accepts BCSE and CPE score transfers from the other agency. As such, the NEB and ECFVG recognize that foreign veterinary graduates may wish to apply for certification concomitantly through both offices in order to earn certification that is accepted by Canadian licensing agencies and employers (NEB Certificate of Qualification) or US licensing agencies and employers (ECFVG certification). However, each agency expressly prohibits candidates from accepting a full or retake CPE position if they are already scheduled for the CPE through the other agency. In addition, candidates may only reserve one BCSE seat per testing window, which must be reserved through either the NEB or ECFVG office.

To help ensure that NEB and ECFVG candidates do not double-book testing appointments by scheduling examinations through both agencies at the same time, the NEB and ECFVG will share candidate information. Neither the NEB nor ECFVG office will knowingly assign an examination date to candidates who have already been assigned a position through the other office. Candidates who have already accepted an examination position through one agency must also decline a testing position inadvertently offered through the other agency. Candidates who attempt to circumvent this requirement by accepting a testing position through one agency while already scheduled through the other agency will be withdrawn from the second testing position and will lose all deposits paid.