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After completing the NEB Application FormRegistration you will have to mail us your supporting documentation.


Please mail the following documents to the NEB:

  •  Original or notarised copy of your veterinary degree (not necessary for final year students from accredited veterinary schools)
  •  Proof of linguistic proficiency in English or French (please see Language Proficiency Requirement). TOEFL scores can be sent to the NEB using our institution code number B665.
  •  Two (2) recent identical passport size (70mm x 50mm) photographs of the applicant, signed by the applicant (only if you were not able to upload a digital photograph using the online registration form)
  •  Original or notarized copy of the official transcript of your academic record from your school of graduation (not necessary for final year students from accredited veterinary schools)
  •  If you already have a WES or ICAS or a similar report please include it with your application
  •  Letter of recommendation from a licensing organization within the veterinary profession in the country of origin or, if not yet licensed, from an individual in the veterinary profession (in addition to the letter in the point below)
  •  Letter of recommendation from someone in the veterinary profession or a responsible citizen
  •  Notarised copy of birth certificate, passport or other piece of official, government-issued identification
  •  Surgical Experience Documentation (for candidates who registered with the NEB after January 1st, 2015 only, this document is needed at the latest once you are ready to register for the Clinical Proficiency Examination) - (not necessary for final year students from accredited veterinary schools)
  •  Cheque or money order (if applicable)
  •  A statement from the Dean of the college that the student is a bona fide member of the final year class (for final year students only)
  •  For graduates of AVMA-CVMA accredited schools, if you have already passed your NAVLE please transfer the results to us using



The NEB requires a certified true copy of both the original and the translation of any document not in English or French.

For letters of recommendation we accept them by email only directly from the source if they come from an official email domain (eg .edu from a university). Letters of recommendation from generic email addresses (,, etc) are not accepted.

Academic transcripts, letters of good standing from a licensing authority and language test results can be in electronic form if they come to us directly from the issuing authority.


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