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I am a foreign veterinary graduate and would like to register for the NEB examination.

Step-by-step guide

Following are the steps needed to apply as a candidate to the NEB:

  1. Fill out the NEB Application Form online. (FRENCH version here)
  2. Complete your fee payment through the form or include a cheque or money order in the application package that you will have to mail to the NEB office. (see Fee Schedule)
  3. Mail your complete application package to the NEB office. See checklist for contents to include.
  4. If you have already passed some of the exams you will have to get your results transferred to the NEB. For BCSE or CPE results you can ask ECFVG to transfer those results to us. For NAVLE results you will have to request a score transfer by using AAVSB Viva.
  5. Once your complete application has been received the NEB will assess it and will notify you once you have been approved.
  6. After you have received your NEB ID you will be able to register for the first step of the NEB examination, the BCSE (or the NAVLE for students of accredited schools)