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This information is for candidates that just started the examination process and want to register for the NAVLE as soon as they have passed the BCSE.


The BCSE must be completed no later than 30 days (our recommendation is no later than 40 days) to date of NAVLE registration deadline.


Timing can be based on when we receive a batch of score from AVMA/Prometric. See BCSE Candidate Bulletin:



Reporting test results


Candidates will receive test results approximately 20 business days following their examination date. Test results will be released by the ECFVG Testing Coordinator to the candidate via ECFVG Online and e-mail. Due to privacy and security stipulations, test results will not be released via telephone, or facsimile. Any inquiries regarding test results should be directed to the ECFVG Testing Coordinator (800-248-2862, ext 6682). The ECFVG does not approve of the use of test results for any purpose other than that for which the examination is developed and conducted; namely, as one factor in assessing educational equivalency for purposes of ECFVG certification. BCSE results are not to be presented as evidence of eligibility for employment. In addition, BCSE results are not to be used by any individual or institution for the purpose of comparing the quality of educational programs.